Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long post!!!

ya ya... it has been a long time since i seen my blogger dashboard.... i was busy learning PHP/MySQL....

All those aspiring programmers and current... trust me those two open source languages are the best!!!...
with them in your finger tips you can create wonders when it comes to web applications..

I am already surprising myself by creating a 'User based new site' and a 'Budget Analysis application'....

The best thing is both PHP and MySQL are free to use... and if possible you can contribute your own codes to them....

thats all for now...

hey like the new template??????

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

RICH DAD.......poor dad!

this is the title of a book written by Robert Kiyosaki......
Anyone who aspires to be rich please read this book........ dont just the book.

That book entirely changed my view on money....

Here is a brief review of the book:- (Taken from WIKIPEDIA.ORG)

The Poor Dad in the story is based on Kiyosaki's real father, a PhD holder and graduate of Stanford, Chicago, and Northwestern University, all on full scholarship, who was the head of the Education department of the state of Hawaii. In the book, he is greatly respected until he decides, late in his career, to take a stand on principle against the governor of Hawaii. This leads directly to Poor Dad losing his job, and his inability to find comparable work ever again. Because he has never learned to handle money, instead depending on the government (his employer) for support, he dies in severe debt.

In contrast to this character is Rich Dad, his best friend Michael's father. Rich Dad dropped out in 8th grade, but became a self-made multi-millionaire regardless. He teaches Kiyosaki and Michael a variety of financial lessons, and insists that the boys learn to make money work for them to avoid spending their whole lives working for money, like Rich Dad's employees, as well as Poor Dad, and indeed most of the people in the world.

Anthony Robbins holds a seminar called 'Wealth Mastery' and one of the keynote speakers is a gentleman called Keith Cunningham. During the seminar Cunningham claimed to be Kiyosaki's Rich Dad. This is highly unlikely not only because of the similarity in age between Cunningham and Kiyosaki, and Kiyosaki had stated in his books that Rich Dad had died in 1994. It is most likely that Rich Dad was a person named Richard Kimi, the deceased founder of Sand and Seaside Hawaiian Hotels.

The book highlights the different attitudes to money, work and life of these two men, and how they in turn influenced key decisions in Kiyosaki's life.


Among some of the book's topics are:

  • the value of financial intelligence
  • that corporations spend first, then pay taxes, while individuals must pay taxes first
  • that corporations are artificial entities that anyone can use, but the poor usually don't know how

Kiyosaki says the rich think differently in how they define simple words like assets and wealth, and how they fund their luxuries. He explains that he defines an asset as any item which produces income (such as rental property, stocks or bonds), and a liability as anything which produces expense (such as one's own home and car).

No one disputes that the rich buy "income-producing assets". Kiyosaki argues that the poor buy worthless items that they think are assets, which clearly do not earn anything, and may have no market value.

According to Kiyosaki, wealth is measured as the number of days the income from your assets will sustain you, and financial independence is achieved when your monthly income from assets exceeds your monthly expenses. Each dad had a different way of teaching their sons.

Some Quotations from the book:-
  • "A true luxury is a reward for investing in and developing a real asset."
  • "The only way to get out of the "Rat Race" is to prove your proficiency at both accounting and investing, arguably two of the most difficult subjects to master."
  • "I have mentioned before that financial intelligence is a synergy of accounting, investing, marketing and law. Combine those four technical skills and making money with money is easier."
  • “Most people are poor because when it comes to investing, the world is filled with Chicken Littles running around yelling, ‘The sky is falling. The sky is falling.’”
  • “Many of today's youth have credit cards before they leave high school, yet they have never had a course in money or how to invest it, let alone understand how compound interest works on credit cards.”

visit the official website:-

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello to Everyone!

Finally I have created a blog for me........... Blogging is nowadays become a trend among all the age groups........ Cool to hear that I now belong to that millions of bloggers world wide.

2006 is my worst year....... It was my last year in school life.....and preparing for the boards is the worst thing that can ever happen. Anyway I have finished my boards and now waiting for the results.(Expecting the best)

Well i am new to blogging so you gotta adjust till i blog like how true bloggers do.

Cya later

Coming Soon

Hi guys....... this blog is yet to come. I'll be posting about ma life, views....and anything that comes to my mind here.